April 19th, 2010


on the road again...

Quick question:

I am hesitant to stop my gym membership as I work out pretty intensely on their treadmill 3x a week but the weather is getting nicer and I was wondering, could I not take this to the road?

Duh, of course I could...but what I am wondering is, do people have the same success? I am worried that I won't be able to get that intensity and that I might slack off and not stick to heading out in the mornings as I do with the gym..

Anyone had success in doing this? any words of advice?



Redemption song

I've decided that one of the fundamental first steps to getting your head right to lose weight must have originated from someone who was only overweight for a short time...and not very overweight at that. We are told time and again:
“Learn to love yourself.”
Well, isn't that dandy. I'll start doing that right now. ...why don't I love myself yet? Because this part of the process ignores a central component to the mindset of being overweight that makes loving yourself very difficult at best. How do we get to a point where we can love someone who has hurt us so deeply?

A lot of weight loss advice ignores the reality that gaining the weight isn't a rational decision. Since no one ever sat down and from a rational frame of mind chose the life of an overweight person, it follows that you can't suddenly decide to use a rational process to undo the damage. So this means the first step is a precursor to love. Forgiveness.

How can you love someone that you've not managed to forgive? Self-loathing is part and parcel with the experience of being overweight. The continual reminders of not living up to expectations, internal and external takes a heavy toll on the psyche...especially when most of the world seems to never get tired of reminding us that we are to blame. I'm not saying that the ultimate responsibility DOESN'T lay within us but we have a lifetime of habits to undo. Habits brought on by well-meaning parents, a horribly mismanaged school system, a consumer society run amok and/or by people who no longer hold the simple human quality of compassion in high regard. Again, I'm not saying we should blame the world but it would be an injustice to think that we are where we are simply due to our own failings and weaknesses.

We've all had that moment standing in the mirror on the verge of tears (or possibly well past the verge) screaming inside our own heads “I'm sorry!” “I'd take it all back if I could!" If that was another person showing that level of regret and remorse for inadvertently harming you, would you be able to forgive them?
So, why not forgive yourself?

So, here we are. A Monday morning and the start of a new week. For those of you still struggling inside now is the time. Take a long look in a mirror and look at what you did to yourself. Now the big leap is realizing that you didn't do it intentionally and to learn to forgive your own perceived failings. Make peace with that person in the mirror and move forward together with them knowing that setbacks aren't failures, you are strong and you are worth the work. 
the feelings

Points for Meat?

I was wondering how one would figure out the points value of different meats?

I kind of remember from when my mum was on WW that she used to weigh the meat when it was raw and how ever much it weighed was equal to so many points, but I'm not exactly sure.

Sorry if this may seem like a general knowledge question, but I don't have any WW books (yet).

Can anyone help me out?
  • zechal

To do or not to do

So after my exercise class I talked with the instructor who I trust very much. We live in a very small community and we are both part of a group trying to change the foods schools serve, she runs exercise classes for parents/kids, does nutritional classes, etc. Well I went to her today just to vent about weight watchers and not losing last week. Well she commended me for my overall weight loss, she did suggest doing the Advocare (or is it advocair) 24 day challenge, even just the cleansing phase. I'm not huge on this type of stuff, but the cleansing phase seems pretty simple and something I can do while nursing. I'm meeting with her to talk some more on Wednesday.

I love weight watchers and will continue after I'm done with the 24 days, but I feel like I need to break my "addiction" to junk food (literally I'm a fast food junkie, crave it even though I know it will kill me". I'm not looking for a fast weight loss, but rather to break cravings and get my body to start over....thoughts?