April 18th, 2010



Now at just two and a half pounds from my half way point, I've decided my reward will be something not only relevant to my accomplishment, but also something that will help get me the rest of the way to my goal - a treadmill!

I'm super excited since it's the one piece of exercise equipment I know I will actually use multiple times a week no matter what else is going on in my life. Sure, it may not necessarily be an intense work out every time, but some activity is better than none. Plus it means I can work on building up to being able to run without embarrassing myself out in public. Totally awesome all around, I think.

The only thing left to do now is to find something on a much, much smaller scale to be more of my memento reward - the thing I can look to as a reminder of how far I've come when I'm struggling to keep going. A friend, ever so kindly, pointed out to me that a mirror really should serve that purpose, but being a friend who will probably never weigh more than 105 pounds in her life, I don't think she understands that there are always going to be days where I look in the mirror and still feel like a whale.

So, now, I'm on the lookout for something along the lines of a keychain or silly little desk trinket that I can see on a daily basis and smile about. I don't know yet exactly what I'm looking for in either of these kinds of items that will symbolize what I want it to, but I think I'll know it when I find it. If nothing else, I enjoy these kinds of almost-scavenger hunts anyway.

WW Journey Began: 10/11/09
WW Start: 210 | WW Current: 172.4 | WW Goal: 130
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A most rewarding weigh in

I busted my hump this week. I met my 4200 calorie burn three times, went over it once and was darn close on two out of the remaining three days and the scale showed it.

-4.2 lbs this week.
That makes the current weight 265.4 for a total loss of 140 lbs and 115 of that with Weight Watchers. I still have 85 lbs to go but I'm feeling so solid with my eating and activity that it's not a question of "if" anymore as much as simply putting the time in.

...but that wasn't the rewarding part. There is a girl in my meeting who comes with her mom. She's quiet but it's plainly not an easy task being an overweight teen and staying on task to become the person she wants to be. They wanted to talk with me after the meeting so that I could give them some strategies for coping and moving forward. It was one of the best experiences with the program so far. It's funny... since I have hitting my goal weight as a foregone conclusion, I'm looking forward to it for a different reason: I REALLY want to be a leader.

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Hi everyone! My name is Dana and once again, I'm back on WW. I was on it in 2008 and lost over 20 lbs, but once work got in the way, I left, and gained it all back. I started again in February, but I've been having a tougher time this time and I'm not really sure why! It's very discouraging...but anywhere, here's my info:


Age: 24

Height: 5'8"

SW (starting weight): 174

CW (current weight): 169

GW (goal weight): 150
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I'm sure this is one of the recurring questions that comes up but...

How do you count APs for doing Couch to 5K?
Do you count APs for the 5 minute warm up, APs for the multiple 60 seconds of running, APs for multiple 90 seconds of walking, then APs for the 3 minute cool down?

Or do you gauge your intensity and do an average (say moderate) for X minutes?

I just finished Day 1 of C25K and now that I'm completely cooled down I feel good. I use the Podrunner Intervals available on iTunes for free!
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So I know patience is key while trying to lose weight...but seriously I didn't lose anything this week! I tracked everything perfectly (every single thing that went into my mouth) stayed on plan perfectly (all of my water, veggies, etc), and started a new exercise program in my town. Three hardcore workouts (45 minutes of cardio each, weights and abs too/stretching, etc).....so frustrating.

I'll keep plugging away though, I won't give up on this. It's just one week, I was stuck for 4 weeks before.....I know the scale will go down...I've lost 53 lbs so far and have 48.5 to go! I can do this....I will do this!

At least you didn't eat THIS

My wife and I were doing an annual cupboard cleaning... making sure no canned goods had gotten pushed to the back and expired and we came across a very real product that we found absurd even when we weren't eating very well.
Frank's Quality Kraut Juice
Serving size: 7.5 oz.
Sodium: 1770 mg
I think a tall glass of this could be harmful or fatal if swallowed!