April 17th, 2010

Signed up Today....

 I joined weight watchers today...  I am 33 y/o... current weight 206, height 5'6"...  

any advice, encouragement will be greatly appreciated!!!

I am very excited about doing this...  
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NSV, of sorts

Before WW I was a Tim Horton's junkie and couldn't go a day without visiting the drive-thru and ordering a large double-double and an apple fritter (or something equally fatty/sugary/etc). My car was perpetually littered with cups and little paper bags.

Now that I've stopped going there I find myself having to clean garbage out from under my car seats way less. Plus I've probably saved a good chunk of change by brewing my coffee at home (now with 1 sweetener and 1 shot of whole milk = 0.5 pts).

Generic sandwich thins!!

So I live in the Northeast and when I went food shopping today I noticed my supermarket (Market Basket) now makes their own brand of sandwich thins, in original, wheat, and multigrain! I have yet to try them...had enough bread here at home for the week, but I think I will buy them next week. They were only $2 a pack which I thought was really great. Anyone else seen generic thins in their supermarket? I can't wait to try them-I love the thins and we buy them all the time in my house but I hate paying upwards of $3 so I'm excited to try the generic and save some $$$!