April 16th, 2010


Here again

I suppose I'll reintroduce myself. I was here using a different name a couple of years ago. At that point, I was much lighter than I am now. *sigh* I started going to meetings again last fall, but some stuff happened over the winter and the next thing I knew I was 186 pounds - 20 pounds over my previous high weight. And kicking myself the entire time. It has been so much harder this go 'round to lose the weight, but as of today, I've lost 11.4 pounds. I suppose being in menopause is the reason it's been harder.

I've given up so many times in the past, but I won't give up this time!

SW: 186.2
CW: 174.8
GW: 135-140
Mini Goal: 170 by the end of May
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4th times a charm?/Fiber vs. calories question

Name: Becky
Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
SW (starting weight): 251.2
CW (current weight): 251.2
GW (goal weight): for now, just 10% (226)
Anything else you wanna add: Not my first time on program.  Tried in high school for about a year, then rejoined in the fall of 2007 at 235 and lost 26 pounds before falling off the wagon May 2008.  Went back a about a year later last April at 240, but was off the wagon again by September.  Finally returned yesterday. Here's hoping this time my commitment doesn't dry up five months in or something. *Fingers crossed*. This isn't my first time posting here either by the way.  Originally joined last year during WW attempt 3.0, posted a few times before disapearing/sinking into the land of the lurkers.

Anyway, I had a food related question....last night I went to the supermarket and purchased some breakfast cereal since I tend to skip breakfast a lot and its easier to just have some cereal in the house so I don't forget. 

After purusing the cereal section for a while I narrowed my decision between one of the Special K flavor cereals (I believe I had picked fruit and yogurt one) and Rasin Brand Extra.  One (SK) had 120 calories but only 1 gram of fiber.  The other (RBE) had 7 grams of fiber but 190 calories.  I wasn't sure which was more important---low calorie or high fiber. 

I took the quandry to my mother (who'd rejoined with me and was in the store with me as well) and she was stumped too, but was surprised that SK had so little fiber.  After a bit we just figured go with the RBE since fiber's pretty major.  My question is....was that the right way to go or should I have gone with the lower calorie and lower fiber cereal? 

By the way, point wise....I don't remember what the fat content of the SK was, but I had a bowl of RBE this morning....1 cup of cereal=3pts.

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