April 15th, 2010

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Recipe halp!

Hey guys. My friend and I are going to make this recipe for brunch on Sunday:


And it calls for pumpkin butter. What the heck is that? I have never heard of it! Do they sell it around the holidays? She has some canned pumpkin at her apartment but we are lost as to whether pumpkin butter is something you can get in the supermarket or if it's a separate WW recipe (which I Googled but couldn't find).

Any help would be much appreciated!

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And I will no longer eat blindly...

I have been fooling myself for the past year and it is time for me to stop playing these games. I am so frustrated going to my closet every day and not being able to wear but a small fraction of my clothes. I am tired of believing I am doing well by getting a good hard workout during the day and inching my way to losing the 20 lbs I have put on.

My wake up call? Looking at Caribou's website and seeing the drink I had this morning has 9 points in it! Nine!!!! No wonder my weight isn't budging. I knew it wasn't my usual 2 latte points but NINE! Back to journaling my points and holding myself accountable. I want to say goodbye to this weight I have allowed to come back on!
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Discretionary 35 - to use or not to use?

I had a mini-breakthrough earlier this week.

On Tuesday, March 30, my 10% goal was so close I could taste it. At 205, (18 pounds lost), 22.3 pounds was only (I thought) a week or two away.

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In just four days, I had eaten 23 of my extra points. I wasn't too worried, that's what discretionary points are for after all, so I just got back on track, kept to my points on Saturday and Sunday and didn't worry about it.

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I lost two weeks. Not because I used my discretionary points, but because I wasted my discretionary points on crappy food.

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Points question.

Do you always need to eat all of your daily points? I believe you are supposed to, but I wanted to make sure.

thank you!

Also, thanks for everyone offering such great advice and support!