April 14th, 2010



I hate when I come late to something but is anyone else watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?

I'll admit it, I was hesitant for a lot of the same reason I didn't dive into Biggest Loser until a few seasons in: The teasers made it look demeaning to people like me or people like those I love.

Last night I got around to giving it a look for myself. WOW! As a person trying to lose weight watching institutionalized reinforcement of horrible eating habits makes you want to cry right along with Jamie. I'm STILL a huge proponent of allowing adults to have their own choices in regards to food but his focus is on the  children...children who have a tough enough row to hoe without having more problems added by what they are fed in school.

So, I'm going to make it a point to start stirring up some more food threads here. We support each other rather well and discuss exercise like we are training up to run a Tough Mudder but our eating habits are an equally important component. I'm going to do my best to start bringing more of that to the table...figuratively and literally.
true story.
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annoying new girl ;)

Everyone will be sick of all my posts soon, haha :)

I struggle a lot with getting hungry in between meals, or thinking I am hungry, or just mindlessly snacking, who knows. Does anyone else experience this? If so what do you do to stay on track and get past it. Also, I just feel really hungry, like I am not eating enough at meals, even though I am reaching points. Not really sure what is going on.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

an update

thanks to everyone who helped me get through my tough week where i thought i gained 4 lbs. turns out i only gained 2, so i suspect the majority of it was water weight! then, this week, i lost it again.

everyone here really helped me to put things into perspective, and i wanted to thank you all for the support. so what if i have a little hiccup? i look at my amazing weight loss since January (approximately 33 lbs), and what i eat now vs. what i used to eat then. i now know what a portion size is. i religiously track my food intake and exercise. although i am having trouble seeing the changes my body goes through, i'm seeing little things - rings fit looser, pants are a bit baggier. i see myself reaching for fruits or yogurt for dessert instead of an entire pint of ice cream. and i can just eat a few Hershey kisses now, instead of half the bag.

my biggest motivation to keep on plan now is this: my boyfriend proposed this past weekend and we are getting married in July 2011. i want his jaw to drop when i walk down the aisle.

as of 4/11/10, i was 293.6 lbs. i would ideally like to be at about 200 for my wedding, but anything under 245 is also good for me.

I CAN DO THIS. this week's goal: stop eating crap/get back on plan. it's okay once in a while, but i cannot eat an apple fritter for breakfast every morning! however it's nice to know that i am still getting healthier while i enjoy "bad for me" foods occasionally.