April 13th, 2010

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Well I gained!

...but I totally earned my 0.5 lb gain. I was terrible this weekend. Big pad thai; all you can eat sushi; big fried chicken sandwhich with cheese and fries.

Bad bad bad.

But I am back on track as of yesterday tracking everything. Still down 6.5 total...now to keep working towards getting that down!

I think I can I think I can.

Non-scale victory

I think that this is my first entry here, as I am extremely shy (even on the internets), and am sometimes intimidated by all the success you all post.  *wave*

I started WW in late-March 2010 at 316lbs.  I had been wearing my light jacket when I first started, but not for the past few weeks as it's been REALLY warm here in VA.  It fit snug, but when I sucked it in, I could zip it all the way up.  This morning, I felt chilly, and grabbed my jacket. 

I put my coat on, and it zipped up.  Easily.  I didn't have to suck it in.  There's even a little wiggle room in the sides!  I was so excited that I yelped a little, and my hubby looked at me like I was crazy.  Once I told him how loose my coat is, he got super excited for me.  

I was at 302.5 last Wednesday, and weigh-in tomorrow.  I don't drop the big numbers like a lot of bigger people do, as it's harder for me to lose weight, having PCOS.

1st Goal: 299.9 (it's been about 4 years since I've weight that).  <----also close to my 5%
2nd Goal: 284.4 <----- 10% (I've NEVER reached this on WW!  I am bound and determined!  *roar*)
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I Will Not Give Up

Hey everyone, I just joined this community today because I'm going to start Weight Watchers and I wanted a community I could go to for support.

Name: Jen

Age: 23

Height: approx. 5'7"

CW (current weight): 160 lbs

GW (goal weight): 130 lbs

I do know that my GW is below the proper weight for my height, but I am a quadriplegic and my doctors recommend that I be a little underweight so that my body and joints aren't under stress.

As I said above, I am a quadriplegic and with having such little mobility it's very hard/nearly impossible for me to exercise to burn calories.

Since I can't exercise I have to try to keep a healthy well balanced diet to lose weight.

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I've been inspired by a friend who has lost 107 lbs recently. And I thought if he could do that, then I can definitely lose 30 lbs!

So I'm very determined to lose this weight, and giving up is not an option!
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I am trying to decide if I want to start going to meetings and what not, what is a typical first member meeting like? Do you have to talk? Do you get a new member package?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!