April 12th, 2010


Points help!

Hey guys. My friend is having a birthday party Saturday and she is buying an awesome cake, and I want to have a little bit of it. But I have no idea what to count it as and I'm trying to get 100% back on track today...in the way that makes me plan for a small sliver of cake five days in advance, lol.

Here is the cake in question. It is evil and delicious.

It says 10-12 servings, but I will probably have half of a reglar slice.

What do you guys think would be safe in terms of points?

Thanks in advance. <3 Sorry for the food porn.

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My name is Sarah and I am a weight watcher.

To be honest, I have spent the last 2 years doing exactly that - watching my weight. Watching it climb, watching it drop, watching it sit still and do nothing and watching it prevent me from doing all the things I loved.

I have been a member here before and similar to weight loss and this group was HUGE in my initial weight loss. It was also HUGE for me to be able to motivate all the rest of you :) I don't know if anyone remembers me, but hey, figured I would throw that out there.

I've ALWAYS done weight watchers ONLINE. It works for a time, and sooner or later I lose motivation and I'm back to "tracking in my head" (does anyone else use that line) or "keeping a rough estimate" (yeah, that works) or even better "taking a little break". Well this time I'm doing it different. I've been going to meetings for a month now and have been successfully losing weight again.

I'm going to finish the journey this time....are you with me? I'm with you.