April 11th, 2010


Sunday weigh in time

Okay I was stunned. I've not been working out full tilt and Friday I ate a bigger lunch all so that I could do well on the 5k and still...
I lost 2.6 lbs this week.
That brings the total to 136.4 lbs from last August.

This week, I'll be bringing as much exercise to the problem as my left knee and forearm can bear to see what happens.

This weekend made me think of yet another piece of trite "wisdom" often thrown out regarding weight loss that is absolutely false.
"Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint."
Actually, weight loss is exactly like a sprint. You spend an amazing amount of time doing very hard work that only your team and yourself will ever see. You'll have to keep your nutrition solid and your exercise constant, this will be a huge part of your life. At the finish line, you will be cheered and celebrated and toasted and everyone will be so proud and tell you how amazing your accomplishment is...and then that's it. For them anyway. Then the very next day you know full well that you will have to go back to training. Many of the people who weren't along for the whole process will be puzzled...you already won after all, what are you training for? You and your team know how much hard work it took to get you there and how the work can really never stop if you want to stay a winner.