April 3rd, 2010


unthrilling weigh in.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the least unsatisfied and honestly I knew this would happen. I ratcheted back my usually frenetic level of exercise so that by next Saturday I will be as fit and healthy as I can be for my first 5k in a VERY long time. So I ate my points, got in three runs and three lifts and...

Lost .8 lbs.

It's still a solid loss and this coming week will likely produce something similar. Once the 5k is behind me, it will be back to 6 day a week workouts.


so last Sunday i weighed in at 295.8.

by Tuesday i was up to 299.6.


i exercised Monday. i ate within my points range and actually had some extra of my weekly allowance. i drank water like there was no tomorrow. how could i have gained 4 lbs in 2 days?!

this week has not been good. i have felt disgusting and fat all week because of that number on the scale on Tuesday. maybe i was imagining it, but i felt like my clothes were fitting tighter and my collar bones, which i had just been able to start seeing, shrunk back into my neck.

i haven't weighed myself since Tuesday. normally i weigh myself 2x a day just to see the differences and fluctuations day to day.

for the rest of the week, i did Week One (only one day though) of Couch to 5k, taken several walks, and today i went on a 3 hr hike up some steep hills.

i've worked my weigh through all but 10 of my weekly allowance points and i still have 30 activity points from this week.

so, two questions: ONE, how do i keep up my motivation? i never had such a huge gain in that little amount of time, i had been losing steadily. TWO, wtf could be going on with my body? am i not eating enough? too active?

official weigh in day is tomorrow.