March 31st, 2010


Now this is why frame of mind is important

I got about five hours of sleep, my lungs are kinda cobwebby, the synovitus is making the ball of my right foot feel like I'm walking on broken glass, the runner's knee in my left knee is making going up and down the stairs at work misery, I overstressed my left arm last night and every motion makes it ache more and all I want to do is lay down for a nap and whimper for a bit.

I'm still going running over my lunch break.

I'm not saying all this looking for attaboys, I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm not doing it to prove that I'm that much of a tough SOB (quite the opposite today). We all have days where eating right and/or exercise are the last things on our mind. Heck, many times we have not just excuses but valid reasons. This is when having your goal first and foremost in your head is what's going to sustain you when you have every reason in the world to let your weight loss journey take second place in your life.

Food Tracking Community

Hello again!

A while back there was a community that a bunch of us would use in order to post our daily food logs, get ideas from other people on meal ideas, and just basically keep ourselves (and each other!) accountable. It's been dead for a while now, but I am going to start using it again and I hope some of you will join me over there!