March 28th, 2010


Sunday Weigh in

It's that time of the week again.

I'm down another 3.8lbs this week. Total loss to date: 133.
I still have another 93lbs to goal. If I keep at my current average (it's gonna get tougher), I'll be in a VERY good position for the half-marathon in October.
The Little Prince

a scale victory and a question

so far, about 28 lbs gone!

my only gripe is that i can't really physically tell. my scale is telling me 295 and my clothes aren't fitting much differently. i know it takes time but still!

SW: 323
CW: 295.8
STG: 250
LTG: 160

also, a question about cooking...while i enjoy it i'm not FABULOUS at it, but can usually follow a recipe =]. i made this delish chicken last night, but the recipe called for it to be dipped in butter and then rolled in bread crumbs. could i substitue egg whites for the butter? i did use light butter, but i'd like to try to cut out more fat if possible. i'm not sure if using egg whites would have a difference in texture or cooking.
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Weigh In

Up one pound this week...... how did that happen? I'm used to the scale so I'm not to worried about it, I'm thinking it's water weight or hormonal as I tracked and did lots of exercise this week, but it does make it pretty unrealistic for me reaching my mini goal by next weigh in!

Starting weight- 241.5
Current Weight- 188
Next Mini Goal- 185

(no subject)

Hi! I decided just tonight to start Weight Watchers so I figured i might as well join some support ASAP! my name is Amanda, and I am about to be 18. I will admit I don't have much weight to lose (about 15 pounds to my goal), but I find it difficult to stay motivated and healthy in my dieting/lifestyle. I'm going to college in five months and prom is in two, so I need to stay as dedicated as possible :)

Name: Amanda

Age: 18 in two weeks :)


SW (starting weight): 140

CW (current weight): well...140

GW (goal weight): 125

Any advice for a first timer? Mostly, my goal is to be happy with how I look regardless of the number. I used to have some trouble with disordered eating habits, so this lifestyle change is about being the best me possible. (ps i truly apologize if i ever use any disordered vocabulary...some of it is a leftover habit, and one that i am working very hard to break) I want to feel healthier and feel better about myself. As a shorty, fifteen pounds shows up especially in the hip area (oh the joys of being curvy). I really hope this is welcome here! Nice to meet all of you :)