March 25th, 2010


The Big #225: Statement of purpose

So as of Wednesday I'm 225 lbs. That's a bit more than 17lbs lost so far.

But the important part is that this was one of my personal goal #s. My next WW's goal number is 218 (that's -10% of my weight from when I started) but that's not as important to me personally as 225.

Why? Well there's absolutely no good reason. It's purely vanity. You see 225 was the weight I was at when I started WWs in 2006 (wow it's been that long?). I dropped 49 lbs and was 176 when my knee problems hit and I put on.. ugh 66lbs (wow that's the first time I've actually figured that out) from just not caring and being pretty much unable to walk for very far with out pain.

There's been a lot of changes since then. WWs doesn't feel like a diet this time. It also doesn't feel difficult. It's just an occasional look at the web site to check where I am on points. There have been a few days when I was particularly hungry(usually because of bad choices on where to invest those points) but you know it hasn't been bad. That being said I haven't been taking the program particularly seriously. I've been slacking off and grabbing an extra whatever often. I've tracked my points but not really focused on making sure that I was perfect. I've gone on a few walks but nothing significant or focused.

#225 was my change point. I'd said that when I started. So long as I was loosing I'd just kind of chug along until I got to this weight. It was the number at which I'd get serious and focus on the program at hand. I'd start making sure to exercise along with the focus on making sure I wasn't over eating. I'd start taking the additional steps of making sure my point totals were more accurate. So it's time. I just got off the phone with my doctor's office. I've got an appointment for April 22nd to go in and discuss weight loss and what an appropriate goal weight is for someone of my height and build.

Before I was chugging along. Now I'm going to add a planned exercise to the mix. I'm going to be religious about tracking points (it is my Cult of Choice after all).