March 18th, 2010


Hello and Eggplant Parmesan

Name: Mark
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
SW (starting weight): 243
CW (current weight): 226.8
GW (goal weight): not sure, I'm waiting to talk to my doctor.

Second time doing WW's. This time has been so much easier than last. The change so that there's a difference in men's and women's points turned this from something I could do to loose weight to a lifestyle I could live. Last time I dropped 50lbs but unfortunately I had some severe knee damage shortly there after which caused me to be basically immobile for a year and I put a lot of weight on over that year.

I've had success in the past using LJ to track my points and discuss WW's related ideas so I thought I'd re-start that part of making these changes to my life. I cook a lot at home and I'm always interested in recipes and sharing what I've learned.

On that note...this is one of my favorites.
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