March 17th, 2010


Hitting a brick wall

Hello all!

So for some reason I have hit a seriously block! I cannot get past 123 at all... there is a wall and says do not pass go. Any one have fabulous plateau breaking tips? I am getting married in a few months and really want to be 110 or lower for my wedding. But hitting this wall is kicking my booty!

Also I just wanted to let everyone know I have a website at:
I track EVERYTHING I eat and show it in pictures... plus show my Weight Watcher points.
i also post about fashion and beauty tips! Just thought some of you may be interested in it!


Friendly reminder: Rock those activity points!

My lunch time run is starting to have times that don't need to be qualified by "not bad for a fat man."
Last August the most exercise I got was trying to wrestle my wallet from under my fat ass to pay the person with the burger and I'm starting to become a runner.

So! The time is now. No excuses, move yourself today or tonight.
It's yours, take it.