March 11th, 2010


The best fallout of The Biggest Loser

I went for my usual lunchtime run/walk (I used to be walk/run so I'm feeling good) and I noticed something interesting. No other runners gawked, glared or smirked as I chugged my sorry butt along. I even got a smile and thumbs up from one guy who was clearly the Greek god Hermes taking the human form of a Kenyan fella.

Now this isn't my first trip to the rodeo. I've been fat for a decade or so and kept trying to lose it before I got serious and I've been to gyms and I've been out trying to walk in parks. The prevailing attitude during those times from the fit folks was clearly "go be fat somewhere else." Maybe I'm giving undue credit but clearly something has "normalized" the idea of overweight people wanting to change their lives and given people an awareness of how difficult it is.

Even better than this is a personal best average. While 13:02 min/mile over 2.3 miles isn't exactly making Samuel Wanjiru nervous, it is a personal best for me and so very close to cracking the 13 minute mark.
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Weight Gain

So my husband and I have been doing a lot of searching into how we both became so overweight, I mean obviously we ate more than we burned but we are looking deaper than that.

Well today I had a very stressful situation arise with my insurance company and immediately had a "I'm hungry" moment, when I just ate not even an hour before. It hit me then how much my emotional state is tied eating. I knew that we celebrated a lot of things with food in college (him coming to see me meant eating out all weekend, popcorn at the movies, coldstone for dessert, etc) but I never saw the connection before to anger or frustration. I also looked back to when my father got hurt last year and how I gained 20 lbs in 2 months (eating hospital food and fast food everyday). Food has kept me from having those emotional breakdowns. Much like a drug addict uses to avoid emotions, I ate to avoid them.

Well today, I cried because I was frustrated instead of reaching into the cupboard and ya know what, I felt better! I don't need the food to fix things anymore.

Also, have you ever looked back to the foods you used to eat....I remember my husband running to go rent a movie and coming home with a bag of cheetos (20 pts), snickers icecream bar (8 points), ice tea (4 points).....that's 32 points for my evening snack!!!! We did this several times per week...ugh! Considering I get 34 points per day since I'm breastfeeding! Such an eye opening moment!