February 28th, 2010


..and some days, you're the bug

I'm up one pound this week. I'm NOT sweating it. I spent six hours in a car, ended up eating crap (my mom can take fresh green beans and make them bad for you) and didn't drink enough.

Oh well, this should give me something spectacular for next week.

In training for the half-marathon, my wife and I picked up a pair of Nike+ shoes...I'll let everyone know how that works.
balloon basher

Dang I suk!

i moved to va 6 months ago, I've been back in chicago for the last week and a half b/c my mom has been diagnosed w/ breast cancer. Which is all kinds of stress...and such bad emotions.

But also.

The food here in chicago is so much better than anything i've found in va (how quickly i forgot my struggles!), and my parents don't really cook much, seems like no one else around does either, so I've fallen to much temptation. I've put on nearly, or about 5 lbs in the last week and a half. I'm pretty bummed. I could be here indefinitely, if I put on 5lbs every week and a half...holy cow, that would suck so hard.

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