February 24th, 2010

jacob and mama

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i just weighed in for my 6th weigh in... i'm down 9.8lb total! i've mostly just been creeping along. my first week i had gained .2lb. i probably should have peed before i got weighed and i would have been all set. i do that every time now. second week i lost 5lb! whoa! then .2, then 2.4, then .6, and today 1.8. it's so much easier than i thought it would be. i'm not miserable with my food. i'm just being smarter about what i put in my mouth. and tracking points really helps. i realized that when i guessed at what i was eating, i was way off!

sw: 225.8
cw: 216


Quick Dessert Idea!

I'm not sure if Hungry Girl has already come up with something like this or not, but for you Sno-ball fans out there, I think I've come up with a darn good substitute (better than the original, I think)...

You will need:

-A Deep Chocolate Vitatop
-1 tbsp. marshmallow cremé/fluff
-about 1 tsp. or so of unsweetened shredded coconut (I used this reduced fat version from Let's Do... Organic)

Simply spread the marshmallow on the vitatop and sprinkle with coconut. Soooo good!

You can see a pic on my blog.

Comes out to 2 points. And if you don't have vitatops, I'm sure you could substitute them with pretty much any kind of low-fat brownie or cake mix (I'm thinkin' regular chocolate cake mix made with diet soda and made into cupcakes, perhaps?)