February 21st, 2010


Weigh-out...waaay out.

I did the weigh-in at the meeting today and I lost another 6.8lbs. for a total of 94.6 with Weight Watchers and 120 pounds since I resolved to change my life. Please don't fret the huge number, you will likely see a few more from me before it settles back down again. As I said before my wife and I have begun training for a half marathon in October and I am working HARD. To give you a perspective on how much motion we are talking about, this week I clocked 72 activity points...I think I'm a bit outside the curve right now.

As for the training, we are off to a good start. We managed to keep pace (16 minute miles) for 3 miles. It was work for me but it was really tough for the missus. She is still totally positive that she is up for the challenge over the course of the next 30 weeks we have to train.