February 16th, 2010


If it was an easy goal I wouldn't be so jazzed.

Goooooooooood morning!
My wife and I have an seven and a half month goal that is going to be tough. First, a little bit about us...
We never had children and as a result we end up occasionally indulging ourselves when we want to behave as overgrown twelve year olds (which is one of the ways we gained the weight). Anyway... we are huge Disney freaks and we just love Disney World. So yesterday I was digging about on a site devoted to Disney World news and came across something that really captured our imagination. On October 2 they will be doing the first annual "Wine & Dine Half Marathon" to celebrate their annual Food & Wine Festival. This is like a perfect storm of fun! We've been looking for a distance run later this year to celebrate our drastically improved fitness, We are always game for a Disney trip excuse AND the Food & Wine festival is a lot of fun.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. While it is generally considered doable to go from a couch potato to able to run a half marathon in six months we weigh a bit more than the average spud...but OTOH we have a much higher level of cardio fitness. So we figure with seven months to train combined with the amount of weight we should lose in that time we should be able to finish the race. I'll make periodic updates to add a layer of accountability to keep me honest and on task.

and a question looking back over recent posts... What's the consensus on sharing weigh-in information? I know some see the progress of others as encouragement and another level of accountability but some get discouraged if they are currently hitting a wall. I figured I'd ask before I post it next Sunday. I don't want to mess with anyone's mojo.

Caesar salad dressing?

Hi, LJ WW fans.

I've searched the memories and didn't find anything specifically around Caesar salad findings.

Anyone successful in finding a tasty (low fat or non-fat) Caesar salad dressing?

Thank you, in advance, for your recommendations.

- Randi
Seattle, WA

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Wow three weeks have gone by since I stuck to plan and I put back on 3.5 lbs….reason….I let my house being torn up be my excuse to eat junk! What did I learn….I can’t let myself use excuses, I need to face facts! It would have been just as easy for me to throw something healthy in the crock pot (instead of going to the drive through). So I realized how easy it is to let life and its busy schedule win. So here’s to making it through the difficult times and sticking to my new lifestyle. I’m glad I’m back!!!

Starting weight- 241.5
Current weight- 193.5
Next goal weight- 175