February 15th, 2010

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What do you order when you go to Chili's? What about 99 Restaurant? How many points are your choices?

My husband and I are going out to celebrate our anniversary tonight and I have no clue what I should order or stay away from (obviously the fried stuff, but a lot of "healthy" looking stuff has loads of hidden points)


New frozen, restaurant foods

Hey all, just wanted to mention some good, new foods I've tried as of late. Lean Cuisine has a new apple cranberry chicken meal that is really good (5 pts)! There's not that much chicken in it, actually...mostly veggies/fruit and whole wheat orzo, but it is very tasty and I like that it's creative, too.

I also wanted to point out Applebee's new 550 calorie shrimp and island rice meal. I got it Friday night and honestly didn't expect much food, but it comes with 3 shrimp skewers and a pretty good portion of veggies, as well as their citrus island rice (the rice has bits of pineapple, orange, and I think even grapefruit in it). I liked it a lot. It tasted good but was very light and didn't leave me feeling weighed down. Also, my boyfriend ordered the 550 calorie honey mustard chicken, which he said was also good. I noticed Applebee's still has their WW items on there, which I was surprised at. When I saw the 550 calorie meal ads I figured they were dropping the WW items, but no. So, it's nice to have all the healthier options for once at a restaurant :)