February 5th, 2010


So Friday morning is here...that means the weekend is about 10 hours away for me.  I need some tips.  Some weekends I just want to sit around and watch movies.  Last weekend was one of those weekends.  Usually I fill up my time baking something or eating pizza, chips and M&Ms.  Somehow if I'm eating while I veg out all weekend I don't feel like such a bum.

Last weekend while watching movies (and really it was two movies on Sunday afternoon the rest of my weekend was active)...I felt HORRIBLE.  I really couldn't enjoy it, because I wasn't eating.  I hardly even watched the movies because I was concentrating on NOT going to Walmart to get food.


So here is my question:  How do you spend your weekends if you really just want to relax and not keep busy cleaning the house or out shopping?

Maybe I'll learn to crochet...haha...


30 day shred

I've just started the 30 day shred... YOW!
It's intense to say the least I was very sore
this morning and I didn't want to do it but I
ended up giving it a shot taking it easy in places
and really pushing in others and I'm happy to say
I stuck it out I'm really hoping this will help my
progress at weigh ins! My first meeting was on January
5th and so far I've lost a grand total of 6 pounds
which I'm happy about however the last time I'd joined
(5 years ago) I'd had much faster results so I am trying
to remain positive and remind myself this is for life
not just this past week. Also I've had two kids
and I would imagine that would make changes in metabolism
(?) not to mention the difference between being 22 and 27.