February 3rd, 2010

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WW at Disneyland

Seeing as I'm local and I have an annual pass, I go to Disneyland quite frequently. It's easy for me to eat healthier when I go for a day or so because I can pack all my own food. In a couple weeks I'm staying with my best girlfriends near Disneyland and going to the parks for five days in a row.

Do any of you known the points for any of the foods at Disneyland? I've look all over online and there are no available nutritional facts. I want to stay on program during my mini vacation.

I plan on bringing a lot of fruit, my own diet coke, 1pt popcorn, and other healthy snacks.

Any suggestions?
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new hair

First NSV on WW

I forget to say that I had a total NSV yesterday. My math professor came in with boxes, BOXES, of cookies almost as big as your face and I opened the box, about ready to grab a cookie and pass the box down, and I stopped myself. I did NOT have a cookie.

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For my dinner tonight I had a Wendy's Large Chili - 6 points of warm filling dinner.


My fast food staple restaurant options:

Wendys - Baked Potato plain, Chili, Side Salad with FF French Dressing

Subway - Turkey on White no mayo no cheese LOTS OF VEGGIES

Taco Bell - Fresco Menu

Does anyone have any other easy fast food options to share??? :)


Cool article

Saw this article on Yahoo! about food labels and thought some might find it interesting. Particularly, the section about whole grains is an eye-opener. I can't count the number of times I've compared points on regular foods (say Ritz crackers) with the "made with whole grain" version and there's almost no difference in the nutrition facts.