February 2nd, 2010

How do I wake up in the morning?

I wake up early and have long days. I've become a fan of a small hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts with a shot or two of espresso to help me wake up. Normal coffee doesn't do a thing for me which is why I tried this in the first place. I sometimes have a cliff bar with green tea (java buzz or something like that) for breakfast on the run that I just calculated to be 5 points so I'm done with that. It doesn't really seem worth it. I am finding conflicting information about points in espresso and DD hot chocolate. Does anyone know the points or have an alternative they would reccomend? I feel like this entry is jumping all over the place and making little sense, but I blame it on facing the morning alone:)
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Hello! new here!

Name: Cristabel

Age: 21

Height: 5'4

SW (starting weight): 269.6

CW (current weight): 269.6

GW (goal weight): 150 - 160

Hi everyone! I joined Weight Watchers last night and I'm very excited about the program. Today has been good so far but my problem is snacking at night.

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Name: Meghan

Age: 25

Height: 5'6"

SW (starting weight): 196.2

CW (current weight): 191.2

GW (goal weight): Don't have one yet!

Yesterday was my second weigh in and I lost 5 pounds in one week! That's ridiculously awesome. I'm very proud of myself. My body is already feeling better because now I'm eating fruit and veggies every day instead of never. I'm having a blast converting my fav recipes into low point versions (I took one from 17 points to 6-8 hehe). Didn't think I'd have so much fun doing WW by myself. I'm excited to see where this goes. And I joined the community as a way to keep myself motivated. Sooo hi everyone! =)

Low Point Sweets

Hello all!

So I started on WW about a year a go and then fell off the wagon in March after my Grandma died. She was a baker and of course after she died I found recipes of hers that I remembered from my childhood and started baking like crazy. I've gained about 15 pounds of the 20 that I lost a few years back.

My biggest downfall is sweets, especially chocolate. What are some of your favorite sweets that are 5 points or less?

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I'm very proud of myself because I forced myself to walk even though I had a massive headache (due to inactivity too!). I was out of my apt for 1 hr 40 minutes and spent 70 of those minutes straight walking! I really dislike the gym so going out and walking to some place is way better for me. I had 15 points left for the day so I got a small low fat fro yo from Golden Spoon and it was only 5 points! I also picked up fat free popcorn and skinny cow ice cream sandwiches on my way home.

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