February 1st, 2010

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I gained two pounds this week....not a shocker! I posted earlier this week about struggling because of a kitchen remodel which has left me without a stove/oven, etc. Thankfully 2 lbs isn't the end of the world and I'm back on track even without my kitchen!

I have planned all of the meals for the week, have my crock pot and toaster oven ready to go. Hopefully I can start putting my house back together on Wednesday!

Also, I started a thirty day challenge for myself. 30 days of exercise and today went great. I woke up at 6:30, did my workout and baby girl woke up at 7:30! She must have got the memo :) I've been doing great on my food, but am still lacking in exercise, so I'm trying to focus on adding exercise every day.
baby kit

Newb post

Hi everyone. I just joined weight watchers - today was my very first meeting.

I'm all shiny new and excited (lol) but I suppose I'll calm down more as reality sets in. ;)

Name: Kit

Age: 47

Height: 5'6"

SW (starting weight): 223

CW (current weight): 223

GW (goal weight): 145-ish

I'm doing an at-work program and I'm glad to be here for some additional support (for me and for you)! :)
Lords and Ladies


Start Date: October 4, 2009
Start Weight: 164 lbs

Recent Weigh In: January 24, 2010
"Current" Weight: 144 lbs

I've lost 20 lbs! Wahoo! During the holiday months! Double wahoo! Our meeting on Sunday got cancelled due to weather, so I won't get a chance to weigh in until NEXT Sunday. Boo!

Now I'm slowly getting out of the holiday rut. My husband and I have been slacking because we don't go to meetings anymore. Our leader switched days (now he's on Monday nights) and we can't make it to his. The new Sunday afternoon leader is nice, but she's way overthetop for us and asks a bunch of rhetorical questions that really doesn't help to motivate. I'm really at a loss. I don't feel as motivated anymore. Of course the compliments I've been getting has helped a bunch, but I really miss our leader. Is that stupid or what?

I might see if I can just weigh in on Sundays and make the last 5-10 minutes of his meetings, but it really stinks. :(  Anyone else have this problem? I rememeber reading about it before on here.

Eating out is also a huge problem right now for us. We've both been social butterflies recently and have gone out 3-5 times a week! While we can find good options at Ruby Tuesday, Bob Evans, and Cracker Barrell - we've been tempted to eat the stuff we shouldn't (Banana Nut Bread is SOOOOO yummy). This week I'm going to try to track better and eat in more than we eat out.

Here's to a better week. Sorry for the rambling and ranting.