January 29th, 2010

Cry me a river...

Has anyone else had WW tell them they're losing weight TOO fast?

I use all my points almost every day, I'm CERTAINLY not over-exercising, (really I. have exercised embarrassingly few times in the past 4 weeks,) frequently DON'T use all of my extra Points, however. I usually finish the week out with about 20 of my 'splurge' points left - probably because I try and save them during the week in case I need them, but I really hate spending them the day before weigh-in.

I do have a few days where I don't use all my points - for example, I'll make myself a 10 point dinner, then only be able to eat half of it, and then have a cup of tea or something before bed, so I am about 5 points short, but those days are in the minority.  I will say that I've been doing exceptionally well for myself, I haven't accidentally snapped and eaten all of something yet - but i DID just order Girl Scout cookies....so that may change. >:3

I'm worried that if I start using all my extra Points that I'll stop losing - any thoughts?

My stats, for reference :
Height - 5'10"
Starting Weight - 184
Current Weight - 174
Current Goal - 165
Just had my 4th weigh-in!

(So yeah - today I hit my 10lbs! yay!)
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