January 28th, 2010

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Finally back on track!

ok, so i'm back. haven't posted here in a while... It's been going up and down since last post but I finally shed what I put on for the holiday (+ last week) and even lost 2 additional pounds! I'm very happy.

SW: 94.7 kg / 208.7 lbs
CW: 85.2 kg / 187.8 lbs
GW: 85 kg / 187.4 lbs (my 10% goal) So very Very close!!!

I also won my third gold star!
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second week

weighed in today...  after gaining .2 lb during my first week, i lost 5 lb this week!!

starting weight   225.8 lb
current weight    221.0 lb

short term goal weight       200.0 lb
long term goal weight        140.0 lb

i've realized that i don't eat much during the day.  i'm very busy at work, so i don't have time to think about food much.  when i get home, i'm very hungry, so i eat.  i stay within my points, but i eat it all at night and then it just sits in my stomach.  i need to do better to eat more during the day... healthy snacks between meals.  then i won't be so hungry when i get home.  i made that change for this week, and it showed!
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This week has been absolutely horrible for me....we are having our kitchen countertops and cabinets redone/fixed. So everything in the cabinets on long card tables in my living room, dishwasher/sink is gone, and the countertops are gone. I've had construction workers in my house the last three days from 8 am-6 pm and I have a 4 1/2 month old baby. So we've been visiting a lot of people to stay out of the way of the construction workers, plus it's hard to nurse or get baby to sleep with lots of loud work going on (easily distracted).

So my food has been horrible all week, lots of junky fast food, pizza, we had a birthday party for my nephew, and I'm feeling it. I feel sluggish! I'm going to be in this mess of a kitchen until Tuesday at least. I'm going crazy!

Hopefully the scale will be kind to me, but I deserve a huge gain!