January 27th, 2010


So some where on the clickernet I saw a post about a Podcast for C25k (aka Couch to 5k)... but I didn't seem to find it in this community so it might have been from a blog in my google reader.

But, it sounded really neat and in the podcast they told you when to start and stop running. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, do you remember what it was called?

pink rose

Travelling Work Outs!

I need a portable work-out!

The next part of my course I'm going to be on placement (living in different accomodation 5 nights a week), Fri, Sat & Sunday nights in my normal abode.

This to and fro-ing (on public transport as I don't have a car ) is really going to intefere with my work outs!!

Normally I like to work out in the privacy of my own room with my exercise bike and weights. Since I can't transport any of these items easily on the train I've got to find alternative ways to work out.

I was looking into pilates resistance bands to replace the dumbells and leg weights although I don't know enough exercises and not sure if these will continue to tone me up as effectively as weights

As for cardio, I obviously can't take my bike with me! Problem is, I like working out in private.. I'm not sure how else to get my cardio work out, without facing the public or without taking my bike (not possible).

Thanks so much in advance, very appreciative of any answers
Hope everyone's weight watching is going well!