January 18th, 2010


Hatha Yoga

I looked up the activity points for 90 minutes of Hatha Yoga and see that it is only listed as being worth 3 points, or a low intensity activity. But I feel it is quite intense, especially when coupled with the heat. Do any of you do yoga? How do you calculate it?

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How do you handle traveling and restaurants? 

I'm new to WW and I went to D.C. this weekend to see my sister and her new baby and got totally thrown off track.  I tried to eat well (I even packed a cooler with WW friendly foods) but I got a bit off track because there wasn't much at my aunt and uncle's that was WW friendly.  I think I did well considering the circumstances but I felt a bit lost. I cannot imagine trying to go out to eat on WW. 
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Activity Points

This may have been asked before, but when I exercise I use a calorie counter. After I'm done working out I know exactly how many calories are burned. Now to count the activity points I've gained from doing the exercises I usually just use half of what I got.

IE: 462 calories would give me a 4.5 points.

Is this what other people generally do? I hate 1/2 points, I never end up using them, but I feel I need to add it since I gained it.