January 11th, 2010

  • zechal

Weekly Weigh In

Down 1 lbs this week, weighing in at 195.5! Only four more pounds until I hit the 50 lbs mark! But the best news for me this week is that I fit into size 18 jeans. All of my maternity jeans and after baby jeans are officially packed away! YAY!

The Benefits of Strength Training

I've long known that strength training is beneficial, but for some reason, I still always seem to focus more on cardio (for burning calories). I still try to lift weights off and on when I remember it, but it's hard for me to stick to that routine on a regular basis.

Last week I joined a class called Kettlebells (and let me tell you, THAT was a workout! OUCH!)

The interesting observation though, was stats relayed to me from my Bodybugg. Last Wednesday, I ran for 10 minutes and then did Kettlebells. I burned a total of 2300-some calories for the day.

The next day (Thursday) I did not go to the gym, since I was going to an NHL game. The only activity I got that day was walking to/from the Metro, etc. However, I burned 2700 calories for the day! More than the previous day when I actually worked out at the gym!!!

This was a real eye opener to me-that the effects of my strength training workout were lasting into the following day and allowed me to burn more calories than I would have normally at rest. Amazing.

I just thought I'd share this information with you all. It was PROOF. Solid proof of how important strength training is. I am definitely making it more of a priority from here on out.

Oh -and if you haven't tried kettlebells, I would definitely recommend it!
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  • lexib0t

FOLDit Flatbread

I'm not sure if this has been posted here but I know we're all looking for tasty foods that are healthy and low in points.

I recently found this flatbread at my local grocery store called, "FOLDit Flatbread". It's 1 point for 1, extremely tasty and filling! We've used it on hamburgers, sandwiches, pulled chicken sandwiches and PB&J so far. It's really good and has replaced bread for my family.


Also, if you happen to live where they have a Publix, they're having them 2 for $4 until Wednesday.

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