January 7th, 2010

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When Doctors and WW disagree

My doctor thinks I should probably be 118-120 lbs. Weight Watchers Online thinks I should be no less than 124 lbs. (I have a light build, and not much muscle mass.)

The thing is, I'm training to run two or three lengths of a mega-race this summer, and frankly I'd prefer to be carrying as little weight as possible if I'm going to be running 13-26 km up and down the mountains. (I've gone 0-6K since September; now to get another 20K in before July!)

So I guess this is me, re-committing to losing that last 25-30 lbs at long last. I've been staying around a plateau for a few years, because technically it's a healthy weight and I've been able to live comfortably, but I'd like to lose the last bit before the race, and especially before I turn 40.

So here are my stats:

Height: 5'6"
HW: 215 lbs
SW: 206 lbs
CW: 147 lbs
WWGW: 124 lbs
DRGW: 118 lbs

Wish me luck! (both at the weight loss and the race; I haven't run a race of any sort since high school.)

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sorry for so many posts recently, but does anyone know how to get the nutritional info for legal seafoods besides DWLZ? I am going to a party there this weekend and they have a limited menu and I am sure what I want is most likely not on the menu. I emailed them, hoping to get a response. Last time I had a private even there they were not too thrilled about making substiutions or swaps for large parties. Thanks

Where else do you track?

So I did WW for more than a year and a half. I lost about 35 pounds. I stopped WW just recently because it was starting to become really annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love WW and it does wonders... I just need to spice it up with something different. I want to focus more on whole grains and eating for nutrition and not just fat free things and foods with low points that are super processed. (oh, and I also recently figured out that my body doesn't like wheat.) Maybe I just need a break from WW. I haven't tracked since November and I can say I didn't gain a single pound over the holidays, but didn't lose any either. At the moment I'm perfectly happy with it. I'm also super happy not to feel obsessed about tracking.

But, so I'm wondering have anyone used The Daily Plate? I've used Spark People in the past and I'm not to keen on it for whatever reason. What are your experiences on tracking in other sites? I might be happy tracking on something new, I like learning new stuff.

Thanks for any input.