January 5th, 2010

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I'm going crazy here. Popcorn is a great food, but they should include points values for the entire bag!

For example, Jolly Time Healthy Pop 94% Fat Free says: 1 point per serving.
There are 2.5 servings or 12.5 cups popped in an entire bag.
Weight Watchers says: here that 5 cups of Jolly Time is 1 point.

So you could assume that 12.5 cups would be 2.5 points, right?

eTools says that 12.5 cups of this same popcorn is 4 points..which is what I originally calculated it at before I found the points value on the individual bags.

So is an entire bag of JTHPFF popcorn 2.5 points or 4 points?

Japanese Steakhouse - Help!

Hi everyone!

I'm having a crisis and I hope you can help. I'm a strict point counter, and I've done very well not to eat any of my flex points except for the week of Christmas since the end of July. I typically will remain stringent when I do go out to eat and opt for healthy choices because it truly is what I prefer. But I have a new challenge ahead and I have no idea how to eat healthy!

My boss is taking my team out for lunch at a Japanese Steakhouse and I've included a link to their menu. Although very generous, I'm freaking out over what to eat. I've been there once before when I wasn't on Weight Watchers and they used a LOT of oil to coook the food. Has anyone ever gone to one of these types of places while on WW? What did you eat and were they responsive to you scaling back the oil? I'm worried they won't be that accommodating, or that they'll still use far more oil than I would like. Thanks for helping me off the ledge! LOL