January 3rd, 2010

Favorite casserole recipes

Hi! New year, new dedication, right? So...in an effort to stop relying on Lean Cuisine, what are your favorite easily freezable/refrigerable casserole-type dishes? I'm looking for something super easy that's good to have as leftovers for lunches.

I don't eat mushrooms or seafood, but if mushrooms are easily left out or substituted, that's fine.


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so tomorrow i am going back on track...one thing i need to work on is getting in my daily calcium....i hate drinking milk plain, i like it in cereal, but i don't really like to eat cereal because it is a huge trigger food for me. i always have 1 yogurt a day which is about 20% calcium...but other than that i am not sure what else to do. i got some WW string cheese for 1 point and and its 15% calcium. i tried those viactive chews but was disgusted by them. do calcium supplements work as well as consuming it via food? yogurts don't really fill me up so i don't really want to be eating like 4 day lol.
any ideas?
  • zechal


Made a mistake thinking yesterday was my weigh in day (I'm so confused about what day it is from the holidays) but this morning was....and 196.5 so no weight gained or lost. I am so close to 50 lbs....only 5 lbs to go!

Also wanted some of your opinions on the Hungry Girl Cookbooks....worth the money or not?