September 29th, 2009

Back on the wagon....yet again

I've done this introductory post before but it's been more than a year so I'll do it again.

Name: Amy

Age: 26

Height: 5"4

SW (starting weight): 208

CW (current weight): 206.5

GW (goal weight): Between 160 and 145...I haven't decided yet.

My first time on weight watchers was when I was 17...I got down to 134 and I doubt I will ever see that number on the scale again.
I'm on the fence about actually joining or just following on my own with what I have from last year. I wouldn't really mind paying for the membership it's just there are no convenient meeting times near me. There used to be a WW close by with evening meetings but it closed. Now there is one at a local church but the meeting times are 12:15 during the week (I'm a student so that doesn't work) and one meeting at 9:15 on Saturday, getting up early on a weekend isn't really my thing, especially when I have to walk in the cold of winter.

My plan is to follow the points plan and use my Wii fit as my scale. I'll weight in front of my BF every week so I have some accountability. I like to weight on Saturday morning so I can cheat a little on Saturday, it doesn't work for everyone but I need to look forward to something at the end of a good week.

Anyway since I am not using etools or anything, and not joinging WW officially I'll be on here more often.

back on the wagon!

So... I've messed up big time in the past 1/2 year or so... and i gained all of my weight back.. and maybe plus some, but i am not sure since i do NOT want to step on the scale yet.

BUT.. good news! i'm getting back on the ww wagon. Today i worked out for the first time in forever and it felt great! i've also eaten very well today. I'm very pleased with myself. finally. it's been so long since i have been happy with my ww commitment.
here's hoping i stay on!
[tv] greys - wtfe

To continue or not continue?

I'm torn. I know I should continue the program. I have my 17th week voucher for tomorrow and my 18th week for next Wednesday.
School has started back up again and some of my eating choices have been very poor. I have an odd schedule on Tuesdays that makes me eat a late dinner (like 9pm late).
I've been discouraged lately due to going up and down with my weight. I couldn't get past 15 pounds lost. Now I feel like I can't get past 20 pounds lost.
I expected to lose my 20 pounds (10%) in this amount of time.
If I continue the program, I'm going to sign up for the monthly pass which includes eTools. I'm constantly on the computer so I feel that tracking could be easier.

Like I said, I know I should continue the program. I know it works, this is my second go-around. I'm just frustrated and feel defeated.

Dining Hall Advice?

Hi all--

I've been on WW for about 5 weeks and I was doing extremely well.... until I went back to college. ugh.

My school has all-you-can-eat dining halls and LOTS OF BEER.  On the good side, I am able to find a lot of fresh items at the salad bar, and there are always some options that are low-calorie and filling.

The challenges... oh, where to begin...

First, we eat out a lot, and for some dishes it's challenging for me to portion out appropriately.  I'm done before I realize I should have had half of the portion and saved the rest for later.  Second, the dining hall.  Every meal has fries and ice cream, and they have a special horseradish sauce that makes the fries that much more spectacular.... And then comes the beer.  You all know how that one works.

What I'm seeing in front of me are all the ways I can regain the weight I lost and then a few pounds.  At the very least, I am letting myself make a couple of mistakes and realizing that there are better options next time.  However, I feel less in control because I can't point things out the way I used to and I can't control my meal portions as well.

So what I could use right now is some mad love, and a couple of tips on how I can stay healthy despite all of these challenges!