September 28th, 2009

emotional eating

How do you guys cope with emotional eating.  I always end up with one night a week where I get bored, lonely, mad at DH, and fed up with the baby all at once.  Then I proceed to eat my feelings.  In my head I'm going I know this will not help, it's just going to make me feel like crap in the morning, but I'm saying this while shoveling brownies in.  Today I've eaten all my daily points, the rest of my weekly points and all my activity points and I'm 7 in the hole.  This sucks.
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3rd weigh in

I posted here a little while ago about meetings and scales and you all were so helpful, I figured I should update.

I don't remember if I ever posted this so here we go:

Name: Ruby
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 417.8
CW (current weight): 408.4
GW (goal weight): 165

So in two weeks I have lost 9.4lbs! I am excited about this! In 9.4 more lbs I will be at 399 and UNDER 400. I tried WW when I was younger and it never worked out, age and maturity have def. made a difference for me. Not to mention going to the local YMCA 3X a week and the track every night! I just hope I can keep this up.