September 27th, 2009



For the past two days I have been eating uncontrollably. My weekly points? Long gone. No more until Tuesday.

And here I thought I was over my old habit of stress eating after almost two months. I feel as if my progress in that regard has evaporated in a haze of sensible snacks eaten in not-so-sensible portions.

Sometimes following the program is very, very trying.
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Tips for everyone!

I was thinking that maybe we could list what has helped us with WW thus far. A big post with lots of ideas that could possibly inspire or advise others.

What do you think has helped you to be successful doing WW? How did you break a plateau? How did you avoid temptation? How have you best organized your daily and flex points so you didn't feel deprived? How did you best maintain the weight loss, for you lifetime members?


Online vs. meetings?

I am thinking of starting weight watchers officially (I followed the points system about a year ago using some old books and lost about 10lbs), and was wondering if you all had any suggestions as far as online vs. meetings? Pros? Cons? If you go to meetings, do they help motivate you? If you do online, is it easy to follow? Thanks in advance!

Here is some info on me.

Name: Jessica

Age: 24

Height: 5'10"

SW (starting weight): 184.2

CW (current weight): 178.2

GW (goal weight): 160 (I think...I am kinda seems like not enough)
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My 10 percent keychain broke today and I lost my 50lb charm. *POUTS* Is there anyway I can get a replacement? Has anyone ever had to do that??
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