September 24th, 2009


I finally have a BMI of 29.8!
I am finally considered to be overweight instead of obese!!

Also, I was talking to someone about Oktoberfest in Seattle last week, it was this past Sunday, and I was talking about how I was going to miss doing the 5k. He told me he was stoked because they have a "beer belly" division for anyone who weights over 200lbs and that group gets a 15 minute head start. And I said to him "but I don't weigh 200lbs..." The best part was that I was actually telling the truth and if I had done the 5k it would have been the first where I would have actually been under 200lbs.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

P.F. Changs help

We are going there for a work lunch. I'm so confused about their menu. Every site I go to lists the stir fried eggplant at like 15 points, but the site's nutrition info show that dish as like the lowest points thing on the menu. Their nutrition info (which doesnt include fiber) has it at like 300 calories and 9 grams of fat. But every site I see for points calculation lists it at like 600 calories. I dunno what to do. I want to order it because based on the site's info it seems like a good choice, but I'm afraid it actually is like 15 points. Could all these WW sites be inaccurate? I dont see anything else I can order for less than 9 or 10 points.

Edit: Should also add that he site's info has like 3 servings, but has it at 96 calories, 3 grams fat per serving.

Edit 2: So I ended up going with the Buddha's Feast, which was just steamed veggies, no sauce and tofu. I had probably 1/2 cup brown rice. The veggies and tofu I'd say were prob 5, then 2 for the rice. It was pretty good, but I like veggies a lot and will usually eat them with no sauce.

I felt a bit weird ordering that while all my co-workers indulged in tempura fried beans and dishes doused in sauce, but afterwards I felt great about my ability to make a healthy choice and stay points-friendly.