September 21st, 2009


Trusting places/Calorie Counter

Am I the only one who worries about things like when you order a smoothie to be made with Splenda that they make it the normal way?

Or for instance, last night I got grillers at Outback and asked for it to be cooked with no butter and no glaze but my shrimp had something on it...I wasn't going to send it back at that point but grr.

I hate it!

So for those of you who have an armband like Body Bugg which brand/model and how do you like it? The Body Bugg is way to pricey for me but I'd love to get an accurate read on what I burn at the gym. :)
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I know that you cannot continue weight watchers while you are pregnant, I already cancelled my monthly pass.
What I am wondering is other experiences people had while getting pregnant in the middle of their weight loss journey.

I have my doctors appointment set up to ask her all about weight gain/loss during pregnancy. Since I am still quite obese (350lbs) I think that I should be fine trying to maintain my weight or possibly losing some during the course of my pregnancy. But i was hoping to find some people who have gone through this before.

So my major question, is has anyone gotten pregnant while they still have a lot to lose, and what did you do about your weight while pregnant. What did the doctor tell you about your weight while pregnant?

Calculating Activity Points

Hi everyone,

I had a question about calculating activity points. I typically run 3-4 miles on an eliptical at a pretty good rate, and with some resistance. Typically I've put this in as running since I usually do an 8-9 minute pace. Today I ran about 30 minutes, and I burned 311 calories. If I put that into the points calculator online it is 6 points. Should I be calculating my activity based on the calories I've burned if I know them, or should I really go with 30 minutes of running which is 4 points? I'm still pretty new to all of these things. :)
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Returning to Weight Watchers

 Hi everyone.

I joined Weight Watchers in May 2007.  I was 165 pounds.  By December 2007, I was 1 pound away from my goal weight.  And then I went to Paris and ate a crepe.  Which somehow escalated into me gaining all of my weight and then some over the next two and a half years.  I was frustrated and kept telling myself I'd lose the weight on my own and then go back.  Well, that didn't work.

So I sucked it up and went to Weight Watchers a week ago.  Not realizing, of course, that if I join that weekend, I'm going to have to learn to manage my eating immediately and not go insane over Rosh Hashanah.  I bought the 3 month journal, started tracking realistically and thinking about what I ate.  And I managed to lose 4 pounds. 

The last time I started, I lost 4.6 pounds, and then nothing the next week.  I'm hoping not to lose nothing this week, but if I maintain, then my body is just getting used to everything.  I'm confident in my ability to do this, and hopefully to stay on track for good this time.

So, sorry for my WW life, but just a question.  For those of you who rejoined, or even people who newly joined, how did you feel when you did it?  I'm someone who is very hard on myself and very critical of my body, but I realized that I immediately felt better about myself once I went back to the meeting and started eating better.  It wasn't just about putting better food into my body, but also the mindset that I'm helping myself. 

Anyway, I'm just interested in hearing about your stories, especially if you're been somewhat successful with WW, fell off track, and started up again.

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Recipe Help

Ok, here's my dilemma - I recently started a "mexican food night" with some of my friends from college (basically an excuse to pool our money to buy delicious food makings) and we've grown bored of the regular tacos and quesadillas. Since I like to at least semi follow the plan, I was wondering if anyone had any good recipes for anything remotely resembling mexican food? I was looking to maybe make enchiladas for the next one, but I'm coming up blank with healthy recipes. Any input is appreciated!

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So, I was doing really well, lost a bunch. But, I've fallen off the wagon, and I need to get back into the swing of tracking. I just can't seem to make myself write. Any advice? Also, I need to get in the habit of excersize.
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