September 15th, 2009



It's really discouraging when you gain 3 pounds in a week and see no reason for it. It's been difficult since returning to work last week, but I stayed within my points. I earned activity points. I drank my water. What gives? :(
Week 6 Stats:
Start: 246
Last week: 231
This week: 234
Total loss: -12

Spacing out meals and snacks or three meals a day?

I have a question.

My points have now gone down to 19. 

I use to eat like two or three small snacks, and then my meals would be adequately pointed out.

However, recently, I have not felt like having the snacks and have been going with:




For my points. Is there anything wrong with not having snacks in between?  I just wonder if I'm slowing my metabolism because I'm not eating every 3 hours or so? Just haven't felt super hungry.

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So glad I found this community

I started weight watchers August 1, 2008

Week 58 Stats:
Height:  5'7
Age: 28
Start: 215lbs
Last week: 166lbs
This week: 161
Total loss: 54lbs
Daily points: 22, soon to be on 21

I truly am happy that this place exists - since I quit paying for ww last year I found trying to find people going through the same track as me very difficult.  Now I get to be inspired all over again by reading your posts.

Question - End weight.  I guess this is different for everyone, but when do you stop actively trying to lose weight and try to plateau?  I'm still trying to lose weight and I did plateau over the year that I've been on ww, but for the most part I've been keeping healthy, exercising and mostly staying within my points.

Does anyone have any tricks or tips they'd like to share?  Thanks!

intro post

Name: Crystal

Age: 24

Height: 5'7"

SW (starting weight): 152

CW (current weight): 147.8

GW (goal weight):130-135

Points: 27 (I'm still nursing a ton)

Anything else you wanna add
: I'm trying to lose the baby weight (she's 11 months, eep) and the 10 extra pounds I was carrying before her.


Name: Jenny
Age: 25
Height: 5'8
SW (starting weight): 178.8 (08-21-2009)
CW (current weight): 171.4 (09-11-2009)
GW (goal weight): 145 (or lower--depending on what 'feels right')
Points: 25
Anything else you wanna add: Back when I was a kid, my mom did a lot of WeightWatchers. She's actually still on it off and on. When I was in college and needed to drop some pounds, she gave me all of her old stuff. Now that I'm serious about losing again, I'm using all the old stuff to do WW on my own. :)

First time I lost a significant chunk of weight, a good friend of mine and I started the community twothingirls, where we posted all the things we ate for the day, weekly status updates, recipes, meal plans...anything to keep ourselves motivated. It worked really well for us, and now, going back to losing weight, I post there everyday (and twice on Fridays--my weigh-in day!) It's really been a great encouragement to me and good to have friends who will say 'hey, where the hell is your post for today??'

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2nd Question of the Day

How do you guys deal with your hungry eyes?  It has gotten easier for me to deal with over the year, but I was raised to be a bulk eater and I used to binge a lot (never purged).  My eyes are often very greedy and wants everything in front of it (why do I torture myself with buffets at all anymore, I don't know), but my stomach says no way.  Some days are easier than others, but does anyone have anything in particular they do?

Sometimes willpower alone doesn't kick it.


On my second day of following my points I think the best I can say is that perhaps today I'm less wildly exceeding my daily points allotment. I was going to get all upset about it until I heard from someone who also said that they were doing badly but has discovered they have lost weight despite feeling like they failed.

Speaking of Aldi...question for Virginia peoples...

I loved Aldi and 3 weeks ago I moved to Norfolk, Virginia. I am from by Chicago and I don't know any of the stores here. Anyone here know where I can get Weight WAtcher friendly products on the cheap in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area? I like fat free stuff, high fiber stuff, cheap stuff. I am paying too much, and driving around too much. And my grandmother in law who is from here pays too much for things I don't even want to buy and the prices don't seem to bother her.

Any help?