September 11th, 2009

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i have a question, i lost my book and im just wondering how many flex points are you allowed to eat. my mom says it's five other people tell me it's 35... so what is it? 5 or 35? also, i lost 1 pound! :) this is awesome!

question number 2, what do you guys to do to keep off your weight.? in the past i lost weight on weightwatchers but later gained everything back...i had no idea how to stay the same.
Two-headed me!

Working out - Busy Time

Alright, I have my “busy” schedule starting next week and I’d love some advice on when (and possibly what) exercise to do in my “off” time.

Here is my schedule as of now:
Monday – work until 5/6ish

Tuesday – work until 4, dance (teach ballet, take aerobics(1hr), poi (.5hr), hula (.75hr), Tahitian (.75hr)), get home around 10

Wednesday – work until 4, dance (take ballet (1hr), modern (1hr), company rehearsal (2hr), get home around 10

Thursday – work until 5/6ish (spend time with Matt – has night off)

Friday – work until 5/6ish (spend time with Matt – has night off)

Saturday – at studio 9am-4 (take aerobics(1hr), jazz(1hr), Polynesian company rehearsal(2hr); help teach – modern(1hr), tap/jazz(.75hr)

Sunday – NOTHING!

So, as you can see, I’m pretty much moving constantly on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and then again on Saturday (there are more breaks on Saturday for me though… Tue/Wed is pretty much straight through from 5-9). Dance isn't always aerobic, there's a lot of stop and go (The aerobics class is usually 30-40 minutes aerobics (with some weights incorporated) and then 20-30 minutes strength training/abs/stretching).

I’d love to get some additional cardio in there as well as some yoga and/or pilates. Just not sure when the best time for those would be. I’m thinking some yoga/pilates would be good Saturday night or Sunday morning to help work out any kinks from dancing on Saturday… And I think I’d definitely like to take Thursday off completely.

Any suggestions?

Update on me for the week (a little late)

Well I finally had a week where I gained. I knew it was coming. I gained 1.5 pounds.
I know why too.
We were very low on money and thus very low on food. What I did have to eat was not the healthy stuff I have gotten used to. Also eating at fazolies really didn't help either.

My husband also got fascinated with smores during the weekend and I just couldn't resist them.

O.K. lesson learned.

Now I just have to get rid of this head cold I have and I might do well this week. I have not been eating my daily points. yesterday I had 20 left for the day.

I am forcing myself to eat the right amount today and drink fluids.

I had been afraid to try on some 26w pants a friend of mine gave me, since they just seemed so much smaller than what I feel like I am. I can wear the equivalent of 26 in the fashionbug right fit (or what ever it is, I can't think of it right now) yet I still feared these pants.

The first pair almost fit, but they seem to be cut kind of small anyway. I can see how the button was put under a lot of stress by my friend as well.
next I tried a pair of stretchy ones. they fit, just felt too form fitting for today. Then I tried on another pair and they fit. They were listed as 7's from fashion bug as well. so at least I am consistent.

Now I just need to quit spilling tea on myself and be able to wear a pair of pants for a whole day. Because I am sick and this is the second time I have done this, I am wearing my old 30's just because I don't feel like hunting down another pair.
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Herro :)

Hi everyone!

I'm in my third week of WW and I'm finding it so hard. I've lost one pound at each weigh-in, which is completely normal and great but I haven't been following the Points properly. For some reason, I just can't get fully motivated. Perhaps it's just because my life doesn't have a set daily routine, although I do get up at the same time every day.

This week has been ridiculous, I've been ravenous at the most random times and I've just found it so so difficult to stick to the points.

It would seem that my blood sugar is berserk (I knew this already) and I get hungry around every two hours. I'm also a semi-professional classical singer, and when I have to sing I HAVE to eat, or I can't support my voice.

One of my problems is that when I get hungry, I can't even think about what I want to eat. I will be in a supermarket and literally just walk back out again because I don't know what I want. Does anyone have this problem?

I'm on 24 points a day (I'm in Ireland). Whatever system I'm on doesn't have Flex Points. I'd never heard of them until I joined here.

It's been really great reading all of your posts and comments! <3
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