September 9th, 2009

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*worth it?*

Hi, my name is Ruby and I had a few questions.

I haven't joined Weight Watchers yet, but a friend gave my household all of their WW information and booklets. So I started counting points today, but no meetings. I have been a WW member twice in my life, when I was a kid with my mom, so I don't remember too much really. I'm nervous about joining because of the scales. No, I don't really care (so much) if people see what I weigh, but my last weigh in was 417 and I want to know if their scales will weigh me or if I should expect to not be able to weigh in. Does anyone here know anyone that has lost over 200lbs with WW?

In any case I'm hoping to join in the next month or so (maybe the next week actually). I'm not looking for super fast or miracle cure, just something that works.

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Official hello, and questions!

Name: Ruby

Age: 26

Height: 5'7

SW (starting weight): 417 (could change as of Sunday when I go to be weighed in.)

CW (current weight): 417

GW (goal weight): Ultimately? 165lbs. First goal: 399lbs. To be able to weigh myself at home.

My goal is to be able to get pregnant safely, and be able to sit on the front porch with my husband at 70+years old. :)

You guys were all so helpful and nice, I figured that I would officially introduce myself. I am hoping to go to a meeting on Sunday morning. Its supposed to be a 50+lbs meeting. I'm exited and nervous and everything else.

I also have a question. My points for the day are 44. How bad is it to not eat enough points in the day? For breakfast I had a serving of 0pt soup (it was being made by my room mate). For lunch I had a 4 point Smart Ones meal, and a WW yogurt for 1 pt (no I'm not buying the ww stuff on purpose, but eating it cant hurt I guess).

That brings me to 5 points for the day so far. We don't have dinner here until around 11pm (my day starts at noon and ends at 4am, husband is on late late shift at ups), so I have time left... but dinner is only going to be 5 points! I am really not trying to starve myself. How do some of you manage to get the points in during a busy day?