September 6th, 2009


Reevaluating goals.

So. I am 3 pounds from my goal. Yay right?! I've lost a little over 70 lbs total, the last 35 on weight watchers. But...

I'm still chunky!!! and I've moved within the last 2 weeks to the ocean, so I'm on the beach all the time. (bathing suits. naked thighs.) I'm thinner, obviously, but being fat has changed my body in other ways too, that I didn't anticipate. I thought FINALLY losing the weight was going to be the fix. There are some things about my body now that weight loss won't fix, some things that may not be fixable at all.

So I've got to start exercising. And dang it, I have to lose 13 more pounds. Ten more than I thought I had to. Not so bad I guess. It's just that the finish line seems to be creeping away from me the closer I get.
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I just joined WW yesterday. I had been contemplating it for a while and decided to finally take the plunge. My aunt [re-]joined yesterday too in her town, so I have someone to motivate me.

Now 2 questions:

1) What do you like to eat during the workweek for breakfast and lunch? I need to figure out what to eat that can be made quickly in the morning or the night before. Or decent carryout from a restaurant (I work near downtown Chicago on the Magnificent mile); I'm thinking of going to Subway more often, but I'm trying to think of more options.

2) How do you manage dining out? Said aunt and I are going to the Grand Lux Cafe on Thursday (a sister restaurant to the Cheesecake Factory). I plan on using all of my flexpoints then. I figure I should also make some adjustments, like ask if they have salad or fruit instead of fries (I want to get the Grand Lux Burger Melt, for those familiar with the restaurant) and not eat the bread basket. What else do you do when you're eating out?

getting back on track

So I had my weekly weigh-in Friday after 5 weeks of being on maintenance and it was just not pretty. I gained a little over 2 pounds after gaining a pound the week before and am now more than 3 pounds over my goal weight. I honestly hit a bit of a wall when I started maintenance, and by that, I mean I didn't even try maintaining. I just got lazy I guess. I wasn't tracking, wasn't really watching it at all.

Well, old habits creeped back in and I found myself eating fries, donuts, ordering mayo on sandwiches, all that crap. My weight went up and down a bit the first few weeks, but my steady gains over the last two kinda gave me a wake-up call and I realized I HAVE TO TRACK EVEN IF I HATE IT lol. So I finally got back on course yesterday and started doing it again. I really want to succeed at this and I can't afford to gain back the 20lbs I've worked so hard to lose!