September 2nd, 2009

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I'm doing WW online.  After loosing about 4 pounds in the first two weeks, I plateaued and pretty much stayed the same for about a month.  I didn't freak out because my life is stressful looking for a job and taking classes and I might've forgotten some of the food I ate.  This past week I was back like I was the first two weeks and I lost 3.3 pounds.  I know this is more than I should loose in a week, but considering I didn't loose for about a month, I think it rounds out.  It told me to recalculate my points, so I did expecting it to go down 1 point or so.  However, it went from 30 to 27.  This seems like a big jump for me for about 7 pounds total loss.  Is this a normal points adjustment?
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hey all! I'm on my fifth (I think) week of weight watchers and my meeting is in a few minutes so I'm not exactly sure what my weight will be this week, but according to my scale at home I've stayed the same weight just about. but the thing is, I've only had 7 of my 35 optional points all week and I've been to the gym three times (30 minutes of medium-high intensity cardio, some strength training each time).

I'm not supposed to get my period for another two weeks so I don't think that's it. is there any reason why I wouldn't lose weight? I'm just so frustrated. I know this is part of the ww process and I'm really trying hard to stick to the plan but it's really hard to want to go on when I feel like this!

any advice, or even a shout-out to know that I'm not alone?
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