July 20th, 2009


What do you do?

I have a question for all those. I guess I'm kind of trying to see what has been working for people around my weight to get down to their lower weight. This past week I rested from the gym for a week and only went once. I needed a rest, I was bit worn. Btw, this week I'm starting back up full force.

CW:143.4 lbs.
GW: 130 lbs.

I reached my 5% goal for WW's last week, but.. I'm still wondering because I know others are different weights. What do you other 145 lbs. do or what did you do on your plan?

Do you use your WP's and not your AP's?

Do you use WP's AP's?

Do you not touch your WP's or AP's at all?

Which has been most successful to you?

What do you do personally, because as you get closer to your goal weight, I know it's a hard battle lol.

For me this week, I'm experimenting with, eating all my WP's, but not my AP's to see if I still lose.

I workout 4 times a week at about 600 cal.'s burned each time :)

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Nursing Moms

Are there any women in here that started WW after having their baby? I'm due with my first on September 19th and have done an awesome job of keeping my weight gain healthy during this pregnancy while following some ww tips/guidelines. I've gained 20 lbs so far which my midwife/doctor are very pleased with. I am excited to start ww while I'm nursing and wondered what your experiences were with that, I won't be able to attend meetings with all the new changes and busy schedule but do have the books that explain the additional requirements.

I'm just looking for personal experiences :)
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Yay! My pedometer arrived!

Thanks to everyone who offered input on pedometers and their use, and walking and alternatives and such! :)

I decided to go with an Omron model. The best one I could find was the version with the disc and USB cable, which tracks steps & such over time and holds data for 7 days. It's very slick, and was easy to set up. I got it from Costco online - they didn't have any at the store, but when I bought it online it only took 2 days to ship & arrive!

I'm already liking it, and looking down to see it at my hip already has me thinking "gee, I should take the longer path to get to the store!" :D

Here's to staying motivated!!

I did aquasize today

It was an hours worth of activity with stretching, cardio, strength and more cardio. Now when we did the cardio I could feel my heart rate up in a good way-but didn't notice how long we did those exercises.

So I want to ask, how should I count that hour? Should I count as moderate activity or considering that I did some cardio in the mix should I count that separate?

Sorry if I'm not making sense..its been a long day.