July 10th, 2009


ww goal weight vs. personal goal

I've seen many people say they met their ww goal and now are working on their personal goal. What do you mean by that?

Does that mean I could make my WW goal weight 145 and maintain for 6 weeks to make lifetime and then work to lose 5 to hit my personal goal of 140?

I know on maintenence you had to be within 2 lbs of goal so that is what I'm assuming.


Food scale info needed.

My food scale died. I used it everyday.

The cheapest digital one I could find was Biggest Loser one for $20. (I know that there are pretty awesome and more expensive ones out there... but I've been using a cheapo one that my spousal unit has had for eons and it works just fine.)

Does anyone have the Biggest Loser scale? Do you like it? Or does anyone have a better suggestion for a digital scale that isn't going to break the bank?

Does WW make a food scale? I looked on the WW website and all I saw were body scales. I've not ever looked at meetings because I've had one since I started. But if they do I imagine it might be spendy due to it tracking points and stuff. Maybe?

Yummy recipe suggestion!

My partner and I love a Blended Salad as a snack or for breakfast, it's yummy, easy to customize, low in points, and a great way to knock out a couple (at least!) of fruit/veggie servings! You blend together:

5 cups mixed baby greens
About 12 oz of frozen fruit
1 cup nonfat yogurt
3/4 cup orange juice
Water (until it's the texture you desire)

And drink! Makes about 5 servings. According to the WW recipe builder, the whole thing is 8 points, 1 serving is 1 point with 5 servings. Easily customizable, other people we know use a head of lettuce in their smoothie, or fresh fruit, you can do whatever sounds good to you. You sometimes have to go slowly and add a little bit of greens at a time and add water to get it to blend. I was skeptical at first, but you really can't taste the greens much at all! More info and recipes here: http://www.formerfatguyblog.com/2008/04/03/benefits-of-a-blended-salad.html

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Hello! I just joined this community because i'm definitely going to need help with weight watchers and it's also nice to make friends who are also doing weight watchers! I just started it 4 days ago and i have a total of 31 points. How can i use all my points up every day? I feel like i'm eating all day and still can't seem to reach 31 points! Anyone have any advice???? Any would be great :) Thanks so much!

I hate food

... I really do. I DONT even like MCD's but they are giving free coffees away so I stopped there on the way to work today. 9!!!! freakin points for a chicken biscuit~!!

I come from country folks and love me some biscuits but they are just awful for you!!! oh why!? boo hooo

Besides the BISCUIT only made it into the bag because I felt stupid going thru the drive-thru for something free and NOT buying anything. 

Ok, with that said:
I went over my point by exactly 10 today! 9 of which I am blaming on MC D's

I got my fat ass on my bike for an hour tonight even tho I was tired and tried to talk myself out of it with every excuse in the book. BUT! I did go and I earned 4 AP and so my guilt is reducing itself as we speak!

I will forgive myself completely and start again tomorrow... for it is a new day and I still have 25 weekly points left.

PS the coffee SUCKED and I threw it out after one sip!

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 I have had a baaaaaaaaad few weeks.  Tomorrow I am going to face the scale, take the hit, and start fresh.  I won't give up.   i won't give up.   I won't give up.

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