June 26th, 2009


I posted a bit ago about a lot of medical issues I've been having related to trying to lose weight. I figured for those who don't follow my LJ I'd write a quick update so you all don't just get the whining but the fruits of the burden as well. ;)

After the thyroid biopsy (all that crap you can read on my LJ), I went to an endocrinologist who FINALLY gave me the Hashimoto's diagnosis. Hashitmoto's is an auto-immune disease that kills the thyroid slowly and takes a LONG time to show up on regular blood tests. They have to do ultrasounds and test for anti-bodies to find it early if you're showing symptoms but have regular blood work.

I started Synthroid yesterday and while I think I need a bit of time to adjust to the dosage (I went from letharic to hyper... you gotta build up on it I guess) I feel amazingly leaps and bounds better. I'm not 100% miracle healed... my hair and skin need time to repair and we needs to find balances in me getting used to the amount as well as if it still needs to be increased. I liken it to a starving person suddenly getting to eat... yeah they feel great but they need a while of good nutrition to get back to where a healthy person should be.

At any rate... I'm on a good path. Hopefully with working the plan and exercising like I have, this will finally allow to me to make my goals.

One day at a time right?
Got insulin?

SV! and a couple of questions...

I made my 5% goal last night... Actually, I passed it by quite a bit!  I had a great week overall, losing 3.6 lbs!

When I entered my new weight into the weight tracker on the website, it said that I am losing weight too quickly and that I should take measures to try and not lose so much so fast because it's unhealthy.  Has anyone else gotten this message?  I've been on WW for 9 weeks now and have lost an average of 1.9 lbs every week (17.4 lbs total)... I thought it was normal/expected to lose about 2 lbs per week?  I thought I remembered reading that when I first started...

Another question... When did you first start seeing results?  I figured that losing 17 and a half pounds would at least bring me somewhere close to being down a pants size, but I'm not even close.  I'm fitting comfortably into size 20s right now and not even coming close to buttoning 18s.. but I was fitting comfortably into size 20s before I lost 17 pounds, too.  What gives?