May 11th, 2009



I was wondering what some of your triggers are. Today, I was walking into work, and there's always some sort of convention going on and all I can smell is sausage, bacon and maple syrup. The only way to my desk is to pass all of this and my stomach is rumbling constantly for it. Usually, I'm focused and turn up my ipod when I walk by and scarf down some eggs or wheat toast instead, but some days, I just can't help but get some of the fatty delicious-ness.

What are the things you have a hard time resisting and how do you stay strong?
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How does everyone feel about the promotion of other communities in our lovely little community? I see them and don't see any comments to them so I'm not sure if you love them, hate them, or just live with them. I can gladly delete any that come across if you all would prefer.

Your thoughts are appreciated. :-)


Hi guys,

I've been trying to find a good LJ community and I've been following for a few days and like what I see. So I decided to join this one. I am also officially starting WW today. So here is my opening post:

Name: Sarah

SW: 165

CW: 165

GW: 140? I think? Right now I have it set for 155 to get me to a "healthy range" BMI. I remember being happy at 140, but I honestly don't think that all 25 lbs I've gained is fat, so I'm afraid of how I might look at this weight. Has anyone else had this issue? Reccommendations?

Anyway, I look forward to any advice or help and hopefully I can provide some for you guys too! Off to write breakfast in my food journal!


Hi, My name is Jessica and I have been going to weight watchers meeting since the end of Feburary. I Desided the first of the year that I was going to lose this weight once and for all and so far this is the longest I have ever stayed with a diet. I hate to say a diet because it is a lifestyle change.... but you know what I mean.  Weight watchers has given me the motivation to keep going though, I know if Im paying for meetings, even if I have a bad day, or a bad week, I wont give up.

So far I have reached my ww 5% goal and am on my way to reaching my 10%.


Name: Jessica
SW: 273 lbs.
Start WW weight: 260.2
CW: 245.6

Total lost: 26 lbs
Total lost @ WW: 14.6 lbs

WW 5% goal: 13 lbs
WW 10% goal: 26 lbs
Big Goal: 150 lbs.

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I swear this morning I read a post about twittering your points. I had to go out and wehen Igot home I came back to check it out and I cant find it?!?!?!?
Did I dream about someone posting about twittering your food?

Does anyone else have this problem?

Living with skinny/healthy people who EAT YOUR WEIGHT WATCHERS TREATS?

I bought myself 2 packages of the icecream bars (that look and taste alarmingly like snickers) and today after I ate my lunch, I went to get one, only to find only 5 (total) left in the packages. My sister (a very healthy and athletic 17 year old) had secretly gorged on them last night. Well, now I feel weird saying she's healthy when she obviously secretly binged on my expensive goodies, but she's a perfectly normal weight and never had any trouble with weight before.

Whenever she asks me if she can have a treat, I always oblige and thank her for asking me first. Whenever I call her out on eating my treats without permission, she goes postal and claims to be watching what she eats too. I have a friend who's mother ate all of her smartones in a weekend.

It's not fair that my food gets used as a midnight snack, when I really look forward to it during the day. Not to mention there is a gallon of Bluebell icecream specifically for her in the freezer which she eats as well!


In other news, today I'm gonna buy the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Death Sentence...ahahaha.

My first post

Hi everyone! I'm Crystal and I discovered this community while doing a search for WW communities.

Years ago I joined WW with an old friend but got out of it due to some stress (long story I won't bore you all with). This year I decided to go back and it was a smart decision.

I joined WW in late January and I was 262 pounds then. I am pleased to report I am now 230 with my next big goal being another ten percent *make that 23 pounds*

Btw what are the points of the lasagna from Olive Garden? What about the salad dressing?