February 13th, 2009



So I've come down with a headcold/sinus infection thing and my appetite has pretty much disappeared.  Yesterday, I only ate 10 points all day.  I got in all of my water, dairy and fruit/veggie servings.  It took a lot to force it down, but I'm wondering how badly not eating all of my points will impact me.  I'm feeling even worse today, but I'm trying to eat what I can. 

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 Okay, so I finally got my 30 Day Shred DVD from Netflix. . . and lemme just say. . . I didn't even do the entire workout due to lack of a floormat and my hardwoods, but my legs are hurting pretty fierce. . . 

I'm going to get a yoga mat during my lunchbreak and resume the workout tomorrow, but I am NOT looking forward to it. . . 

That must mean it's working. Seriously. . . I did maybe ten minutes of the workout, and I can barely move. It'll do it to you. I can totally see how, if you did this workout religiously for 30 days, you could lose a lot of weight/inches. Yay! Thanks for all the recommendations. . . if any of you have netflix, you can also view some of her other workouts instantly. 

I'm getting quite lazy

I've done WW for a while now and I've gotten lazy to the point where I don't think of my daily allowance as a daily allowance. I think of it as "oh, this is what I should have today, and then I can have whatever I want from my weekly..."

I know what my downfalls are so it's not really that I need help or whatever. I'm just posting this here to say that today I'm not gonna go into my weekly points and I'm gonna track everything. Cause if I tell people I'm more likely to do it and no one in my immediate surroundings cares about such things.

subway encounter

I went to Subway w/ my dad today and after we ate my mom called and said she wanted us to bring her home a sub. So I got back in line, which was very long at this point, and a woman was in front of me. She asked to look at the take-out menu pamphlet I had and she asked me if there was nutritional info. There wasn't any so I told her so and she was like, "Hmm, rats. I only ask b/c I'm on Weight Watchers and I have to figure out points." So I was like, me too! She wanted a veggie delight and I remembered that they were either 4 or 5 pts...probably 4 unless she got cheese and such. We talked a for a while about the points for other subs, about the new momentum plan, and past diets we had tried. We ended up wishing each other good luck as we left. It was just nice to meet another WWer, and at Subway no less. I love their new ads with people's pants exploding or falling off chairs eating fast food haha (although subway has their share of unhealthy stuff, but it's nice to go into a place and have options like wheat rolls, lite mayo, baked chips, etc.)
sunny in philly


mmm..so tonight my bf surprised me with a chocolate apple caramel truffle from godiva (even though he KNOWS i am doing WW!!)...it was so good. i counted it at 3 points since that is the average from what i found online...even though it tasted like it was worth about 10 points~ haha.

tomorrow for dinner we are going to the capital grille. i have never been there and am excited.

is the website. i have ALL of my 35 points left for tommorrow. We have had these reservations for over a month and yet i cannot make up my mind on what I want! I know the salmon is probably the healthiest, but I am really in the mood for a steak. mmmm.. the tuna sounds really good but i have never had a tuna steak and want to eat something enjoyable..

anyway... this is too hard to choose!