January 6th, 2009

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Just an Update

I am hoping against hope that tommorrow night when I weigh in I willbe in the 160s  cross your fingers for me.  I am so close to goal I can taste it!

Height: 5'7
SW: 246
CW: 170.6
GW: 158
TL: 75 ish!
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I went to Chipotle Mexican Grill today with some co-workers for a birthday celebration, I planned my meal ahead of time, looking at the nutrition facts online. A salad. But I forgot to check on the salad dressing... they only had one kind. It wasn't a creamy one, so I figured it couldn't be too bad.  WRONG. I should have left it off. It was EIGHT POINTS.

It was mostly olive oil. Fine, I get it healthy oils but that was more than my whole SALAD was worth!!!

Lifetime question

Hi all,

I'm a lifetime member, but currently over the 2 pounds above you can be.  I went to my first meeting of January and paid.  If I go to a meeting next week, weigh in, and am still over, do I have to pay again, or is it only the first meeting of the month you pay for, even if you're still over the rest of the month?

today on ww

Even though I've technically been on ww for years now, today is the first day in a lot of days that I'm doing the program fully. I have to say it:staying in my daily food allowance leaves me feeling hungry! But, I'm trying to tell myself that it will be worth it in the long run.

Yesterday I worked out for about 40 minutes, as well as walked for 70 minutes. I didn't track any food.

Today I've tracked all day. For breakfast I had:

1 hard boiled egg-2 pts
2 slices of ww bread-1 pt
1 tablespoon of margerine-1 pt

morning snack:
1 granola bar-2 pts

1 cup cottage cheese-4 points
1 piece of cheese-1 point
1 small yogurt-1 point
4 cherry tomatos-0 points

afternoon snack:
1 granola bar (different kind)-2 points

later afternoon snack:
1 cup of grapes-1 point

I now currently have 10 daily points left, and could eat them all up in snacks right now. I'm definately feeling hungry. But, I am staying at a friends place later this week, so I want to save every flex point I possibly can, even if it means feeling a little hungry now. I know I could go eat a vegetable, but right now that is the LAST thing I want to eat. I haven't read the material closely, and I'm not sure which of the foods are 'filling foods'. I don't do any of the 'fullness' scale stuff, but I think it doesn't really matter. Maybe I need to find something else to eat for my afternoon snacks though. There was nothing in the fridge though, so I didn't have all that much variety to choose from.

Also, I'm walked 50 minutes so far today, which gives me two excersize points.

I would be really interested to hear people's feedback about my food choices. I usually eat the same breakfast every day, and switch up my lunch and dinner. My snacks are often similiar too.
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Alcohol question!

Hello :) 

Sorry to ask this quick question, but does anyone know how many Points are in an amaretto stone sour??? I am going to Bar Louie tonight w/ some classmates & I know last time I was there, I had a few of them(when I wasn't counting points, of course :P ] and its probably like an 8 oz. serving or less....? There really was more ice than anything haha.. But just trying to guess tonight!? Trying to be a perfect WWer!!!!


Thanks in advance ;)

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Peanut Butter....

I am going to start going to the meetings again this week. I had to quit over a year ago for financial reasons, but am able to go again Yay! Anyway one of my most favorite foods is peanut butter. I know from doing this before that my favorite, Jif, is insane in points. Is there a peanut butter out there that isn't insane in points? I'd be so sad to only get pb as an occasional treat.
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Confused with Momentum

Now, I'm doing this online, and I'm trying to figure this out but..

With the new momentum program, do you stay with your Flex Points per day or is it a weekly point count like Core?

Do you count points for something with a diamond by it (on etools?)

For example: I have 28 points a day if doing straight Flex.

This is a cut/paste of my WW tool on facebook

1 fried egg 2
3 slices bacon 3
1 chicken noodle soup 4
2 granola bars 4
1 cup minute rice 3
grilled chicken 0 (w/ a diamond on etools)
lesuer peas 0 (w/ a diamond on etools)
cream of mush soup 2

Now, it's 7:46pm, and I have 10 points to eat?

Have I lost my mind or missed something somewhere?

I'm hoping I'm not screwing myself up by the way I've been doing this. I figure, this is my first week back on the wagon and at least I'm trying to make better choices instead of going nutty, but I would like to get it straight.


my ww day, my food plan (so far) for tomorrow,and advice needed

I'm so proud of myself. I stayed on program all day, and I just did a 5 point work out that I almost didn't even do!

Oh, and seeing all of the communities food ideas really helped me out.

For tomorrow I have planned:

breakfast:egg, toast, margarine (4 points)
snack:small apple (1 point)
lunch:tuna w. light mayo (4 points)
yogurt(1 point)
two cheese (2 points)
celery and baby cucumber (0 points)
cherries (1 point)
granola bar (2 points)
snack:baby carrots with dip (1 point)
snack:one cheese (1 point), finishing whatever else I don't eat earlier

This is all I've planned so far, but I think it is a pretty healthy start. I never know what I'll be having for dinner until the evening, so I can't plan it now. I think that having the granola bar will help me to not feel deprived of a 'bar' type snack, which I love. I'm just looking at this meal, at how healthy it is, and I just know that after a week or two of eating like this I'm going to get SICK of it. But, it's the only way to be healthy. Does anyone have advice on how to not get tired of eating healthily, when all I want to do is eat pizza and bowls of white pasta all the time?

My other weakness is when other people have snacks around and offer them (also sometimes when friends have food that I want, and I know they'd give me a piece if I asked, I just can't not ask for some). Any advice, or coping tactics?

new here

Hi. I'm Billie. I'm here because after being with WW for a little over a year, they discontinued evening meetings in my area. I lost 80 lbs out of 150 I need to lose but failed to maintain or lose more. I think this is because I no longer have the group support and I hope to find that here. Just because I feel WW bailed on me, I'm not quitting WW.