December 31st, 2008


I'm having problems!

I have been off for the past couple weeks and not really doing much at home. I CAN NOT STOP EATING. Its seriously bad!!! Its not like I'm eating huge meals, but everytime I get up from my chair I wander into the kitchen and get something to put in my mouth. Dried apricots, whoppers (the malted candy, not the burgers lol), chocolate orange, hershey kisses, ferrero rocher, etc etc.
I can't stop myself. I'm not counting these little snacks either. I tried stopping myself but it was no use.

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have tips on how to stop?? :( 
  • eugaira

the quick fix

there was this girl that was sort of my competition for my husband's attention back before we were dating. we both pursued him, and in the end i "won" (that is now up for debate).

we were both fat girls who lost weight on ww.

i've been on and off of ww ever since. i am 20 pounds heavier now than i was the day i met doug. i am 50 pounds heavier than i want to be. the year is ending and i am feeling discouraged that i'm not ending it as thin as i would like to be.

and now i've heard - and seen the proof - that she has had weight loss surgery. she looks fantastic. really. and i kinda hate her for it. obviously i am totally jealous and insecure.

why am i struggling, counting points, going without, when there is a quick fix out there?

all of this is coming to a head because she is coming to town to visit my husband's friend - her new romantic interest - and wants all 4 of us to hang out. and i can't bear it. to be near her, her looking great, me - well, not looking so great. what if he wants her when he sees her? my husband, i mean?

fuck, i'm faking the plague to get out of this.

ughh. i wonder what i would give to wake up thinner tomorrow?
  • eugaira

thanks - really.

i am stealing my internet signal on a laptop w/ faulty wiring so i can't get it together enough to respond to everyone's awesome - and empowering - responses individually, so here is just a general thanks for your kind words.

surgery isn't an option for me. i'm just feeling down, and the seeming ease of surgery is soooooo sexy.

and i know better than all of this jealousy bullshit. i am a feminist and know how destructive and pointless it is to compare ourselves to other women.

unfortunately i was already insecure before i ever found feminism as a teen, and so those all ills rear their head occasionally.

am totally gonna take everyone's advice - talk to my husband, cancel the double date, and recommit to ww.

thanks again!

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I've noticed that I tend to eat my biggest meal at night. I haven't been 100% on point lately, but I am determined to get back on track now.

I've been on WW before (in 2003) and for the past 6 months. Due to my schedule - I'm a teacher if the username isn't obvious - I tend to be really good all day and just eat more at night. Not necessarily bad eating, I just use up more points at night.

Anyone else in that same situation? It isn't going to slow me down in the long run, is it?
[Merlin] - Gwen

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I'm sorry if this is a really super common post/question, but my mom and I are weighing the pros and cons of doing Weight Watchers online and we can't seem to decide if we should go back to the meetings or do it ourselves.

So, if you've done both (or even just WW online) will you tell me about your experiences with it? Do you prefer meetings or WW online? What are some really great things about WW online?